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Most clients would like the best possible value for their money. When we meet with a client initially we ask them to prepare a "wish list." These are items they would like included in the project if money was no object or even if they think they can not afford it.

In many cases our experience allows us to manipulate space and obtain additional areas or functions to be incorporated over and above what the client anticipated.

The projects listed below are a selection of the projects currently under design, construction or recently completed, that show a range of styles and scopes done by the firm. All projects are treated uniquely and the following are intended only as examples of what can be accomplished.

As with any project of this type and scale, items may be uncovered in the field and our extensive construction supervision experience will be important in making the necessary modifications or corrections so as to not delay construction and minimize the financial impact.

Only a few projects are purposely indicated rather than attempt to impress you with a long list. Quantity has never been our idea of a good representation of ability. Every project is unique and is thus treated that way.


Project Types:

New Construction

Exterior of Pacifica, CA Residence

Project: Residence
Pacifica, California
Project Complete 1999

A custom 4,500 square foot residence overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Situated on 3 levels, this three bedroom home features a nanny’s quarters, office, den, family room and two story great room. Unique things such as a dumbwaiter were included from the 3 car garage. The property was purchased with a small existing residence which was then torn down to make room for this project.

Construction cost was in the $600,000 range.


Interior 1

Interior 2


Project: New Residence, Utility Buildings, Underground Utilities and complete infrastructure.
County of San Mateo, California
Project currently ongoing

New complex on 20 acres in county on property previously undeveloped. A 5,000 square foot new residence w/ 360 degree view due to its mountain ridge location. The residence along with the various utility buildings are designed to blend with their environment.


Exterior of Woodside, CA Project

Project: Custom Residence
Woodside, California
Project Completed 1994

A custom 4,000 square foot residence overlooking the Town Hall of Woodside. Also on the property is a 1,500 square foot garage and staff quarters. The project started with a virgin site and included the site development, the 2 structures, swimming pool and enclosed greenhouse.

Construction cost was well past $1.5 million.

The property has won various local awards for its extensive use of natural rock and marble.
The house is unique in that it is only 16' high yet has 10' ceilings and 8' doors throughout.



Exterior of Residence in Bend, OR

Project: Residence Prototype 
Bend, OR

A client requested we analyze and develop a prototype residence he owned in California to become universal enough to be site adapted to any site.

The unit has living quarters upstairs; a garage and stable downstairs.



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Addition / Remodel

Exterior of Millbrae, CA Residence

Project: Residence Remodel and Addition
Millbrae, California
Project Completed 2001

The complete renovation and remodel of the interior and addition of second floor. The addition added about 800 square feet to the residence but almost none of it is visible from the street.

The concept was to not have the addition look like an addition and blend with the existing structure.

Approximate construction cost - $500,000



Project: Residence Addition & Remodel
Foster City, California
Project Completed in 2000

The remodel, addition of approximately 375 S.F. of first and second floor space and renovation of the entire structure. The project adds a two story greenhouse type area in the rear, totally remodels the kitchen and remodels and enlarges the master bedroom and bathroom.

Approximate construction cost - $225,000


Exterior of San Mateo, CA Residence

Project: Residence Addition, Remodel & Renovation
San Mateo, California
Project Completed 1998

The remodel, addition of approximately 500 S.F. of second floor space and renovation of the entire structure. The project has entailed the removal of numerous poorly designed additions spanning a 30 year period and unifying the entire structure into a homogeneous structure that looks as though it was designed and constructed all at one time.

Construction cost was in the $100,000 range.


Detail of Kitchen

Project: Residential Renovation - Kitchen
San Mateo, CA
Project Completed 1997

Kitchen remodel in a post & beam "Eichler" style house to change the character from a dark wood walled room to a light, airy environment.

Construction cost was in the $30,000 range.


Exterior of San Mateo, CA Residence

Project: Minor Residence Addition
San Mateo, CA
Project Completed 2000

The addition of a 120 square foot home office at the rear of the property allowing the owner's additional space and blocking the view of a neighbor's poorly designed 2 story addition.

Construction cost was in the $60,000 range.



Exterior of Pescadero, CA Residence

Project: Pescadero Union High School Transformation
Pescadero, CA
Completed 1999

The reuse and complete interior remodel of an existing 1926 High School into (8) 1 and 2 bedroom farm labor residence apartments. The exterior of the building received new windows, a new roof and new paint, but bue to it's historic nature, was not modified.


"After" view of Residence Addition

"Before" view of Residence Addition

Project: Residence Addition
Belmont, California
Completed 2002

The complete renovation of the main and lower levels of this split level residence. The addition of a total of approximately 700 s.f. on two floors and the legalization of an "in-law" unit previously installed in the existing garage on the lower level.

Approximate construction cost - $350,000.00


Exterior view of Residence Addition

Project: Residence Addition
San Mateo, CA
Completed 2001

The addition of two bedrooms and bathrooms in a new second story and enlargement of a family room downstairs.

One of the first residences to fall under the new tougher "2nd Story Guideline" implemented in the City of San Mateo, Ca.


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